October 5, 2012

Ride for Awarenessness @ CicLAvia this Sunday

This Sunday, October 7, 2012, join the Foundation for Awarenessness for a group bike ride to promote Awarenessness @ L.A.'s premier open-streets festival, CicLAvia! We'll be meeting up at 11:00am at the Grand Park Hub on Spring Street (between 1st & Temple) next to the CicLAvia info booth—look for the Awarenessness volunteers in magenta T-shirts. Also, check out the CicLAvia website for a map and more info about this great event.

***All Ride for Awarenessness participants will receive an official FofoAW button!***

Our ride will begin by heading south to the Expo Park Hub where we'll have some lunch before heading out to explore the rest of the route together. Feel free to meet up with us along the way—just email us (awarenessness(at)gmail.org) to receive a cell phone number you can use to contact us the day of the ride. The CicLAvia route officially re-opens to car traffic at 3:00pm, but all Ride for Awarenessness participants are invited to join us for an after party (details will be made available at the ride itself.) 

If you've never been to CicLAvia before, there's a great artle for first-timers on the CicLAvia blog. But for the purposes of our ride, you'll need the following:
- A bicycle in proper working order (we will be able to do minor bike repairs on the ride in case you have an unexpected mechanical failure, but you should check that your bike is in good repair if you haven't ridden it in some time)
- A helmet (only mandatory if you are under 18 years old)
- Comfy clothes and sun protection (a hat, sunglasses and/or sunscreen)
- A water bottle (there will be bottles for sale along the route if you don't have one)
- Some cash for food and refreshments (there are numerous food trucks and restaurants that line the route)

Also, in the interest of increasing your awareness of bicycle safety, here is a very dated, slightly offensive and extremely strange video to help you stay safe out there on the roads. Remember: look out for monkeys!